Do You Remember?

I sometimes find it hard to explain what Mabie Makes is all about and why I make the products I do. So I wrote a poem to explain why I think it's important to spend quality time with little ones. Our Mabie Makes products can be the perfect prompts and keepsake to make memories to last a lifetime.


Do you remember the days that we play?
Laughing and joking the hours away?

No matter how tired or busy I seem,
Those days are what makes my heart want to beam.

Do you remember the mess that I lovingly made?
Creating a master piece that wasn’t meant to have stayed?

That master piece is the BEST full of imagination,
though it could have been in a better location.

Do you remember the adventure we took?
Together exploring, without a backward look.

Those trips are my favourite without a doubt,
Even if it was to the shop or just getting out.

Do you remember the time that I tried?
Though I didn’t win or come first did you watch with pride?

I am full of pride every day little one,
You amaze me in the way you reach for the sun.

Do you remember cups of tea in the Garden?
Planting lavender seeds, and waiting for paint to harden?

The garden is where you saw twinkle lights and made wands out of sticks,
Running and playing you made roses into a potion mix.

Do you remember singing to our favourite song?
Busting some moves and partying along?

Your signature move was taught by me.
As was your love of a good PARTY!

Do you remember when you were big and I was small?
Learning through the play you lovingly created for us all?

I remember it all my love, my joy.
Treasure these memories always and don’t be coy.
These are moments to be proud of and forever enjoy.