We raised £120 for Great Ormand Street Hospital



Together with your support we have been able to donate £120 to Great Ormand Street Hospital via @Work For Good this the equivalent of 30 banners!


I am still striving to make another donation at the end of the year so our ‘I believe in you’ banners will stay on sale with £4 of every sale being donated.


I would just like to say a huge thank you for helping us do our small part in supporting this fantastic hospital.


When Mabie was 6 months old we were told that Mabie has a type of skin that could mean she could have a VERY complicated medical future ahead of her. Long story short we ended up at Great Ormand Street Hospital and when I tell you that the care and support we have received there is exceptional it really doesn’t come close. As I’m sure you can imagine as a Parent any questions over your child’s health brings a worry with it that would make the coolest of cucumbers crumble. But the speed efficiency and most of all kindness we experienced meant almost all of that went away. Mabie was given (pretty much) the all clear and now we just get to go down to London to see the Drs once a year to make sure we are still on track. Something that we value hugely.


The fact we have been able, in some small way, support this hospital fills my heart with Joy. Thank you again for all your support in making this happen.

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