The Best Christmas Traditions- Written by Kayti from Harrogate Mumbler

Hi! Anna here! I wanted to give a little intro the the lovely blog written below. I asked my friend Kayti who happens to work for Harrogate Mumbler to write something about her favourite Christmas traditions. I love family traditions in general, never mind Christmas ones! So loved the idea of using this space on my website for families to share their traditions. That way you can get ideas and start feeling festive. Thank you so much Kayti for sharing yours, and if anyone else fancies sharing theirs please drop me a message. Over to Kayti....
The Magic of Christmas
I'm 41 years old and still get as excited about Christmas as I did 30 odd years ago!  I've got a five year old daughter, and that has definitely added to the magic these last few years.  But if I'm being really honest,  I've always loved Christmas!  I don't think I ever stopped believing, this time of year has always been magical for me!
From a little girl, I have such vivid memories of going to see Father Christmas!  With the moving sleigh ride which transported to us from the back room at the Co-op store in Walsall to the actual North Pole!  Picking an outfit from C&A that I could wear on Christmas Day, and don't even get me started on the excitement levels in our house when the Radio Times Christmas Special arrived!
Traditions make such a big part of Christmas to me.  For as long as I can remember the Christmas Eve buffet have played such an important part of my Christmas.   Pork and stuffing cobs, home made sausage rolls, pickles, mince pies and mulled wine.  Always, every year, without fail.  As me and my brother got older, our friend's would all come round to ours before we went out-out for my Mum's legendary Pork and stuffing cobs!  In fact, one year I was living abroad and not home for Christmas, my friends still went round!  Christmas Day breakfast is another firm favourite - dripping on toast and brandy in the coffee (Christmas Coffee!)!
As I've got older, I've still found this time of year just as magical!  I've loved the Christmas parties, celebrating with friends as well as family, the sparkly outfits and generally everyone being in such a lovely, fun mood!  In my twenties the shift in the magic probably went from Christmas, to the run up!  All the parties, all the pre-christmas get togethers, all the party food!  The magic never stops, it just changes!
What I've loved about having my own family is starting my own Christmas traditions, as well as adding to the ones I've taken from my own childhood, and those of my husband and his family!  Christmas Eve football on The Stray starts of our festive activities, then it's all back to ours!  I'm happy to say that I'm now the queen of the Christmas Eve buffets, I'd go as far to say as my sausage rolls are even better than my Mum's. The Great Christmas Eve Quiz is now a firm Christmas tradition in our house too. For the last two years, we've gone down to Valley Gardens for a quick Christmas Day walk which is fast becoming my new favourite tradition.
Christmas is all about memories and traditions, either making new ones or indulging in the old ones. There is so much love and happiness around you can't help but feel the magic!

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