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We live and breathe play and getting creative, but as I know all too well sometimes it's hard to get into the play mindset. Quality time doing activities with little ones has so many benefits, but trying to keep thinking of ideas can be a challenge! Not to worry, we have loads that you can take inspiration from and I've included a few of my favourites below. 
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Messy Play is great for little ones for lots of different reason. Creativity building, fine motor skills, colour recognition, just to name a few. But I know that sometimes the idea of just giving little ones free rein can be a daunting. The worry being that you will spend more time cleaning up the messy play than the little one will spend playing. We found that a very simple yet effective fix for this is a play platter. Using one of our Mabie Makes Paper Rolls from our Arts & Crafts Hamper, cover your table. Then apply directly on to the paper the paint, glitter, crayons, pencils, paint brushes or what ever else you want to give to your little one to explore. They can then mark make, finger paint, and go wild. When they are done simply roll up the paper and dispose of it as you wish. If it's a master piece you can leave it to dry, cut it out and frame it. 

We spend ALOT of time in our garden. These are some of our favourite things to do:
- we try and make areas in the garden that encourages wild life. Mabie loves seeing the different birds and insects.
- Potion making, this is my fave. I use to do it when I was little ❤️
- Collecting the fruit and veg we grow in our garden.
- Treasure Hunts! Not always as elaborate as the one in the picture but Mabie loves finding hidden treasure in the garden
I know it sounds silly but I really think colouring and drawing is really over looked. Whether colouring one of our colouring cards, one of our colouring banners or adding their thoughts to our activity book, colouring is a great way that little ones can get some quiet time. Time to enjoy their own thoughts. We have all seen the rise in adult colouring books, well there is a reason for that. Life is busy and filled with noise. Getting a moment of calm is important for all of us. Hopefully the added connection of sending letters or designing a banner for their room might get your little one to stop and enjoy the joys of colouring.

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