The Long Story

Hi I'm Anna. 

This is the story (so far) of Mabie Makes and how it came about.

I have always loved making and creating things for myself and home. Upcycling what I can and enjoying seeing the things I made evolve and develop into a finished cherished possession. 

My Nanny (actually we call her Nanny Bic Bic because of all the sweet treats she gives us) used to do craft and activity projects with me from a very young age. We made lavender bags when I was tiny and as I grew she taught me to hand sew teddy bears from old scraps of fabric she had. Eventually I was allowed to try her sewing machine and she helped me make my first piece of clothing from a pattern. 

My nanny has always been so resourceful and resilient. She would look for quality and would make what she could herself out of what she had. Things were used one way and then when she had enough of that she would change it into something else. Dresses out of curtains and lamps turned into ornaments. This is how I build my home and how I approach all my makes, there is always another use for something. 

When in March 2020 the UK went into lockdown I, like many, had to occupy a toddler and juggle a corporate job. Mabie was only 2 and I didn't want her first memories to be of mummy in a headset. I wanted her to have the magic memories of creativity and imagination like I had from my childhood. In the downtime I had, Mabie and I made wands out of sticks and enjoyed creating games out what we had in the house. I found that actually with just some key crafting tools, we could create a range of activities that kept Mabie happy and entertained while I juggled work. Seeing my friends in similar predicaments I created gift hampers containing the key crafting tools I had used. A little pick me up to help them get through lockdown. I created our Instagram page to share ideas and Mabie Makes was formed.

As the page grew I tried more ideas. Through brilliant feedback from the lovely people who started following us I started to think of new and different products that I could create and share. I was conscious of keeping the page and products about making memories that would be cherished, using sustainable materials that also felt special. I did not make things easy on myself. But this page and business was built from a passion to create something Mabie would be proud. This is what pushed me forward and kept me sane while the world was in chaos.
In October 2020 I left my job. Leaving my corporate job and starting my own business in the middle of a global pandemic has been scary. So scary, and hard. Really hard. I am in the deep end and desperately trying to learn how to swim.

Building websites, writing blogs, constantly refining and pushing to make better products is all out my comfort zone. But I want to share the joy and happiness that doing these quality time activities with Mabie has given to me. I want to encourage us all to stop and mark a moment in time no matter how small. These are the memories we remember when we are older. In 20 years time when all our little ones are grown I want them to get out their Mabie Makes, cards, banners, crafts and remember the special moments they had while creating them. How loved they are and how special they are to us. 

I know it's a tall task. I know it won't be easy. It might even be a big flop. But I'm going to keep trying and I hope if you have read this far you will follow me on my journey.



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