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As a small business trying to make something special for families it can be hard to know if what I am providing is what people want! So Mabie and I were every excited when Juno Magazine said we would like to try our Gardening Craft Hamper and give us an honest review as part of their Go Outside feature. 

To have our hamper in a magazine that Mabie and I absolutely love was really special. So after we posted r hamper off to be reviewed we waited to see what the reviewer had to say....


Last week our Spring issue of Juno arrived and we were not disappointed inside this beautiful Spring Issue the very wonderful reviewer had given us a glowing response to our hamper. I have snipped the review below so you can read for yourself:

Gardening Craft Hamper

This is a wonderful craft kit to inspire children to spend time in nature. Inside the hamper, there’s a wooden bird house to decorate, plant pots to grow things in, a garden decoration to paint, as well as the paints, colouring pencils, bio glitter, brushes and sponges to help you get crafting. Everything has been sourced sustainably with reuse in mind. The glitter comes in glass pots stopped with cork. I would have loved these magical potion pots as a child! My daughter was instantly drawn to the glitter too, and we enjoy looking to see if any birds have made a home in our new bling bird box! We have planted seeds in the pots and are currently waiting for them to sprout. The beauty of these activities is that they can open up an ongoing enjoyment of gardening and nature. AE

Thank you so much to Juno Magazine for including us in this wonderful selections of products designed to get families outside. we are very honoured. if you would like to read all the reviews for this feature you can by clicking here and & subscribing to Juno Magazine








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